Gavin Everhart

Wolf trying to survive in this crazy world.


Gaven was born into a noble werewolf bloodline in the wilderness several miles from New Eden. With both parents being werewolves, Gaven grew up with his wolf side in perfect balance with his human self.

When he was young a group of hunters found his parents’ pack and nearly wiped it out. His father died getting him to Jacob, his cousin and best friend. Jacob accepted Gavin into his pack and raised him alongside his young sister, Anna. Gavin and Anna became fast friends, and as they grew they fell in love.

Ira, Jacob’s brother, saw him as a threat to his brother’s leadership. When Gavin was twenty he called him out after an argument over Anna’s future, and things quickly became violent. Gavin killed Ira as his wolf took over. Jacob spared his life for the love he bore him and the oath he swore to his father. Ira attacked out of jealousy, and payed the price. The price was exile.

Gavin traveled with his meager belongings into the human world, setting himself up in a lower class territory where he got a job as a bouncer at a local bar.

Out on his own and without a pack, how long will this lone wolf last in a city befell by hunters and the supernatural.

Gavin Everhart

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