Jury. Judge. Executioner.


A vigilante? A warrior? An assassin? Few in New Eden can describe him as more than a dark figure in the shadows. Fewer have had the opportunity of seeing more than his handy work and even less have had the good fortune to speak with him and be left to live.

A mysterious armored mortal giving an aura of intimidation that only accents his appearance. A natural lone wolf, with a history that carries as much bloodshed as it does secrecy. His voice carries the combined weight of vengeance and hatred that fuels his mission. A master of weaponry and second to none in skill with a blade, wielding his signature katana and wakizashi he inspires fear in the most courageous and terror into his enemies.

No one knows exactly when Slade came to New Eden or where he takes residence. His “work” in the city has been noted for only a few years. The slayer seems to kill without prejudice of race or faction; however his count against the Brotherhood has been seen among the highest. He has no boundaries and seems to freely roam the city, “dispatching” any issues (personal or otherwise) that arise, regardless of zone or territory.

The only knowledge of his mission within New Eden has been tied to the Brotherhood. Slade recently made acquaintance with those tied to a local clinic near The Docks of New Eden. He searched for a particular elite fighting group of the Brotherhood that is not local to the chapter of New Eden. His mission and his targets are both currently shrouded in mystery, but that will soon unfold…


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