The Invictus are a covenant of Vampires that believe they are the rightful rulers of the world. Lords and ladies of the night they wield money, human pawn,s and political influence as tools to accomplish their goals. The Invictus rose to power in the middle ages with many Royal and nobles families becoming vampiric and cementing the Invictus’s place of leadership in the shadow and mortal world.

The Invictus is dominated largely by its elders. Consequently much emphasis is placed on tradition. Young Invictus and most outsiders see the covenant as archaic. The elders argue that following the old ways make sense – like the covenant itself, these notions have withstood the test of time, which makes them inherently superior to modern ideals.

There is an air of refinement within the covenant, perhaps cultivated by its members to distract them from the realities of being a vampire. Invictus members are typically smartly dressed, well spoken and educated. Very rarely does a member resort to anything as unseemly as brawling. Instead they practice a deadly dance of one-upmanship, acid quips and not so subtle intimidation. Still, it is this veneer of grace and civility that attracts many young members to the covenant, who have had their fill of being rudely shoved around by their fellow Kindred.

Advancement in the Invictus is based on merit. The Invictus who rise to the top are the ones who have done the greatest benefit for the covenant (or who have effectively crushed all their opposition). Invictus earn power through exchanging favors, shows of fealty and swearing oaths, all in a complicated system of rules and etiquette. Invictus life is dominated by backroom deals, secret alliances and betrayals.

Invictus Hierachy
Prince/Princess- The leader of all Invictus in the city.
Marquis/Marquise – Bestowed upon a kindred whom is given a permanent place on the inner circle of a city. The circle acts as an advisory council to the the Prince.
Baron/Baroness – Bestowed upon a Lord or Lady who has distinguished herself on several occasions.
Lord/ Lady- A very powerful vampire, usually the head of a house or clan.
Master/ Mistress – A member of a powerful house or noble family, who is not powerful enough to be considered a Lord or Lady.
Mister/Madam – Term given to accepted Invictus after initiation.
Neonate – A person (vampire or mortal) who has declared they are actively seeking induction into the Invictus, but has not yet been found worthy.

Duke/Duchess – Title bestowed upon a vampire who is held responsible for conquering a city and establishing a strong base of power for the Invictus. Most Dukes go on to become Princes once their power over a city has been established.

Titles of Function:

Advocate – Public Relations Specialist and covenant Spies.
Almoner – A charitable profession to care for the “less fortunate of the city”
Reeve – Invictus title for Sheriff.
Archon – Invictus investigators and enforcers that work for the Reeve.
Au Pair – A tutor of basic vampire survival, etiquette, and Discipline use.
Meister – The head of a Guild and acknowledged expert and instructor in a field. They are trained in distribution and coordination of resources to ensure the stability of investments within the Invictus of a domain.
Groom – An Invictus who cultivates Herds for other members.
Interpreter – A Specialist in matters of translation and dealings with other factions.
Judex – A judge and arbiter of disputes.
Librettist – A professional connoisseur of arts and entertainments.
Notary – A professional witness to declarations and recitations of Oaths. A notary may be called upon to authenticate the content and context of any vow or oath he has borne witness to.
Player – A professional artist or performer.
Speaker – A covenant member skilled in diplomacy
Steward – A preserver of valuable artifacts.
Adjutor – An individual who works for the Invictus, but is not a member or in some cases not even a vampire.


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