Custom Moves

Bring It On: When you compete with someone physically, roll with Blood. When you compete with someone academically, roll with Mind. For a debate, roll with Heart. For a battle of wills, roll with Spirit. If you have an opportunity to cheat and take it, add 1 to your roll. If they cheat, subtract 1 from your roll.
On a 10+, you win.
On a 7-9, it’s a close call; choose 1:
You barely beat them, but they gain a debt on you
They barely beat you, but you gain a debt on them

Domination: When you are dominated by a supernatural force, roll with Spirit. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 10+, both:
You remember what happened
You mess up their commands
On a miss, you follow their commands and don’t remember what happened.

Feel the energy: When in an appropriate Place of Power you may attempt to gain extra power. (Corruption Moves are not considered to be Archetype Moves in this case).
Roll with Heart, on a hit choose 1, on a 12+ choose 2:
Take +1 Forward on a single Move for the next 24 hours
Erase a corruption advance and corresponding Move
Heal 1 harm
On a 7-9 choose one of the following as well, on miss choose 2 of the following:
Take -1 Forward on a single Move for the next 24 hours
Mark corruption
suffer 1 harm

Brave, but stupid: When you act against someone or something that is substantially more powerful than you, take -2 to your roll. Mark a faction of your choice as they respect you for your bravery.

Cleaver Prey: When someone or something is hunting you, roll with Mind or Blood. On a 10+, they run into trouble long before they catch up with you. On a 9 or less, they are on your trail and they will find you eventually. On a miss, take -1 Forward against them and they are closing in. A Debt against the hunter can be spent to modify this roll by +3.

Custom Moves

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