Urban Shadows - New Eden

Session 1
Misadventures at the docks

We started out at Jayne’s clinic. A vampire in an expensive suit stopped by and asked about Lilly Rose. He seemed to want to find her pretty bad, but neither Jayne or Gavin gave him any information. After he left they tried to contact Lilly but she was off the grid. Gavin got a call from Jocko saying some vamps had ruffed him up and were asking about Lilly. He tracked them down and was able to run them off without blood shed, though just barely. Jayne and Gavin decided to go to Victor to see if he had any info. His gang was together cause some other Ordo members had been kidnapped. While they were there Vic got a call to head down and check out the docks. Jayne and Gavin tagged along. At the docks they ran into their old druid friend Tavrin who was searching for some lost Wiccans. They saw Invictus unloading floating bodies from their vans and moving them into a warehouse. They broke in and saw the Invictus had opened a portal to somewhere and were sending the floating bodies through it. Sheriff Norris was there for a time but left before things got real. Gavin attacked the vampire guards and Jayne took down Drake. Tavrin broke the portal which ended up bringing down the whole building. As everyone escaped Gavin managed to save Jayne, and 2 others, but suffered some bad injuries as a steel girder from the ceiling fell in him. Only his tough wolf nature got him through. The group fled in Vic’s car under a hail of gun fire. They headed back to Jayne’s clinic to assess the damage and try to figure out what had just happened.

Session 2

Session two features a little rewind. We start with Lilly Rose getting home from a long day of shopping. She has a strange package post marked from China in her box. Shortly she was visited by an eccentric older an claiming to be sent by her grandfather. His name was Adrian Barret and he had a ring her grandfather had shown her years before. This convinced her to trust him. Another man, Mr. Blake, arrived and said they had a problem. Under Adrian’s command he incapacitated a few Invictus that had shown up. Lilly choose to leave with Barret and Mr. Blake. Blake took her out to the swamp to stay with Quinn Blackwood in his secret haven. She stayed with him and struck up a friendship until Mr. Blake returned to escort her home. She then contacted Jayne and headed to the clinic. The group got caught up on each others activities and Gavin headed out on patrol. he encountered a few Brotherhood that were reconnoitering the clinic. Gavin dispatched them in vicious fashion which drew the other outside. Gavin and Quinn stripped the bodies and pushed the burning vehicle into the river. A guy in full body armor entered the clinic and requested to see the gear the men used. He introduced himself as Slade. He said he was hunting the Brotherhood and would like any info they get on them or their activities. He departed as the episode ended.


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